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Welcoming Remarks PDF Print E-mail

Marco Polo Del Nero, Conference Chairman

delivered at the
International Coalition for Religious Freedom Conference onĀ 
"Religious Freedom in Latin America and the New Millennium"
October 10-12, 1998, Sheraton Mofarrej Hotel, Sao Paolo, Brazil

I would like to especially thank the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. It is a great honor for Brazil that we can host such an extremely important event.

Each one of us has a religious heart inside of us where we find God. There are various sects of religions. Some have endured a terrible situation of war for centuries. We are united here to try to find better ways thanks to one man whom I have learned to admire for his work. There has been no one else like him in this world before now. He is totally dedicated to world peace and so worried about the family and education. He is also dedicated to overcoming illiteracy in the world. This man very soon will be very well known and positively viewed. That has not always been the case, but we have come to know this man as someone who more than anyone has fought for peace and for respect for different religions and for the unification between different religions. This man, ladies and gentlemen, is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

So we would like to thank you for bringing this conference of religious leaders to this country and giving us the opportunity of enriching our knowledge, and finding a new meaning of faith and love for the new century. On behalf of the attorneys of Brazil and as a member of a private association with 710,000 associates promoting democracy in Brazil, I would like to express our warm welcome and our deepest gratitude. Thank you very much.