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Quotes on Faith-breaking and Japan’s Failure To Protect Human Rights of Religious Minorities PDF Print E-mail

 “Religious liberty is one of the most precious rights of humankind, which is grossly violated by forcible abduction and protracted efforts to change a person’s religious commitments by duress.  Kidnapping for ransom is heinous indeed, but kidnapping to compel religious de-conversion is equally criminal.”

–  National Council of Churches of Christ, USA


“The Institute strongly urges the immediate and forceful intervention of Japan’s Government, Diet, prosecutors, police, human rights organizations, and religious leaders to put an end to kidnapping and forced religious conversion in Japan. A conscious lack of action on the part of the Government of Japan to end these kidnappings and forced conversions makes the government complicit in such acts.”

–        The Institute on Religion and Public Policy

“As women of conscience concerned for the human rights of all, regardless of creed or nationality, we demand that Japan protect the human rights of all of its citizens to exercise their religion without fear of confinement and forced conversion.”

Women’s Federation for World Peace


“We encourage the Japanese government to guarantee that the police search for all reported missing church members and investigate all past cases of kidnapping and confinement, bringing charges against perpetrators when appropriate.”

–  Nicole Blake Lyells, Center for International Human Rights Law and Advocacy, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law


“We call upon the Japanese government, media, and all appropriate law enforcement authorities to demonstrate Japan’s rightful position as a global leader by bringing this case [the confinement of Toru Goto] and the lawbreakers to justice.”

American Clergy Leadership Conference  


“This is a nightmare, because public authorities [in Japan] are in collusion with criminals.”

Aaron Rhodes, former exec. dir., International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights


“Japan is in many was an exemplary nation where human rights are concerned. But in this matter, its behavior clearly fails to live up to international standards.”

Dan Fefferman, president, International Coalition for Religious Freedom.


“We appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Council to influence the government of Japan to take action urgently to halt the impunity related to the long-term and persistent use of kidnapping, forced confinement and even torture of its citizens. These cases involve denial of multiple rights, including and especially freedom of religion during which time members of religious communities are being coerced to change their beliefs while confined against their will.”

–        Universal Peace Federation, A/HRC/13/NGO/73, 23 February 2010 


“People in every country should be free to choose and live their faith based upon the persuasion of the mind and the heart and the soul. This tolerance is essential for religion to thrive, but it’s being challenged in many different ways.” – U.S. President Barrack Obama

For documentation contact the International Coalition for Religious Freedom, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it