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Toru Goto's Statement to the Tokyo District Court
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(4) Miyamura’s ‘Deprogramming Work’

While I was confined in the apartment, they didn’t even tell me where the apartment was. The transfer to another apartment was carried out at night, so it was difficult to identity where it was. One time, I asked my brother where it was. He refused to answer by saying, “You don’t need to know it.” I now know the names and addresses of the three apartments in which I was confined because policemen and prosecutors informed me of such details after I lodged a criminal complaint against my captors. I learned that the location of the Ogikubo Flower Home was at Ogikubo 3-Chome as I heard a voice over the loudspeaker during the general election for the House of Representatives in 2003. I heard the voice say, “Hello, people in Ogikubo 3-Chome. This is Nobuaki Ishihara.”

When I was taken to Ogikubo Flower Home, I had no idea where it was. As mentioned before, my brother was employed by Miyamura’s Tap Co Ltd* after he left the UC. Also he was assisting Miyamura with his deprogramming work as a former UC member. I vaguely believed that it was in the Ogikubo area and expected Miyamura would show up soon. I recalled the suffering when I was confined at the Keio Plaza Hotel in 1987. Miyamura even appeared in my dreams and made me suffer.

(*Tap Co Ltd = the company Miyamura owned.)

From early January 1998 to September 1998, Miyamura accompanied former UC members and visited room 804 to force me to abandon my faith. Miyamura stayed from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and he visited the room almost daily at the beginning. Several people accompanied him, including both males and females.  At least one man who was employed by Miyamura’s company was hiding in the garden. He had assisted the captors with my abduction and confinement when I was taken to Niigata on September 11, 1995.

A total of 7 to 12 people, consisting of Miyamara, members of my family and former UC members gathered in the back room, and they flung words of criticism, defamation and abuse at me. When Miyamura visited me in the room for the first time, he said, “Toru, it’s been a long time since then.” I said, “You come here unexpectedly all of a sudden.” Miyamura replied, “If I don’t come in a hurry, you run away.” Miymura’s comment was as if he announced that he had confined me.

When a certain female visited room 804, she sat cross-legged in an impolite manner and was smoking. She criticized me harshly for my last escape by saying, “You are a coward. You ran away last time, didn’t you?” I got angry about the inhumane treatment, confinement and unbearable criminal act. I fiercely protested to Miyamura, who showed no sign of conscience, by saying to him, “Get me out of here. You say the Unification Church violates human rights, but the UC never abducts and detains people. You are violating human rights. What do you think of freedom of religion?”

Miyamura said, “Don’t bluster. You are not qualified to claim your own human rights. I’m not confining you. Your family members are protecting you. If you want to get out, tell your family. You are not listening to people at all. Use your brains. Think well with your head.” He taunted me by saying, “Unless you become to think with your head, you can’t get out.” Also he forced me to leave the church by threatening me, saying, “If my children don’t leave the Unification Church, I will make a private prison and hold them until their faith is broken.” Miyamura and his female associate continued to insult me by using words such as idiot or stupid frequently.

Miyamura threatened me by saying, “If Sun Myung Moon is a Messiah and the Divine Principle is true, I will commit seppuku*. If Sun Myung Moon is a fake and the Divine Principle is not true, are you ready to do hara-kiri*?” Explain how the Divine Principle is true.” He criticized the Divine Principle, which explains the church doctrine, and the book God’s Will and the World, which consists of Rev. Moon’s speeches, then he taunted me by saying, “It’s proof that you are still mind-controlled, as you still believe in such things.”

(*?seppuku or hara-kiri = suicide by disembowelment)

Also Miyamura said that the founder of the church had promiscuous sex, called “Chiwake,” in the early stages of the church. He repeated hearsay information without proof: “Why does Sun Myung Moon like women so much? It is uncountable how many women he has slept with.” He forced me to listen to him, which I didn’t want to, and it caused me tremendous psychological suffering.

I said, “Then I can go back to the church to investigate. Let me get out of here.” Miyamura refused flatly, “No, you can’t. The Unification Church tells lies. Even if you go back, you never find out the truth.” I complained that this apartment was a lawless area that was not covered by any law. I was in an unjust environment in which my freedom was deprived by confinement. My faith was fiercely criticized and it made me worn out. But I couldn’t get information freely that I wanted to get.

Miyamura picked up the incident of my father and accused me repeatedly by saying, “You killed your father. Your father was killed by you. What would you do?” I was furious and replied to the unreasonable accusation by shouting, “You have to take me to the police if you think I killed him. Take me now.”

The former UC members accompanying Miyamura got around him and yelled at me. A female former UC member suddenly picked up a teacup and poured the green tea on me. My T-shirt got all wet.

Also my family members joined Miyamura’s forcible conversion work. My brother stood up suddenly during the session and screamed at me, “What is your attitude? I want to beat you within an inch of your life.” My younger sister threatened me, “You’ve got to be prepared to be like this for the rest of your life if you don’t change.”

After Miyamura left, my family members continued to condemn me until around 9:00 pm. My brother at one time slapped my face saying, “Why can’t you understand? I must make you wake up.”

When I was doing stretching exercises to change my mood and avoid lack of movement, my brother’s wife angrily said to me, “How come you can do such things in this situation?” I wondered why she was so upset and it disturbed me.

In this way, extremely difficult days under confinement continued, with abusive words, yelling, violence and forcible conversion efforts by Miyamura and family members. I was exhausted mentally and physically at the end of the day. When I imagined that the same thing would continue the next day and the next, a feeling of despair attacked me as the sense of fear that I would become mentally deranged increased.

Miyamura and family members used to say to me, “You are not listening to me. Think with your head.” I heard these words more than 100 times during the confinement. I countercharged them after I listened to them. I said to them, “I’m listening to you and thinking in my head.” They didn’t accept my words replying, “No, you are not listening. You are not thinking.”

“Not listening” in their context means “You don’t intend to accept our criticism of the UC.” “Think with your head” means “Admit the wrongness of your faith in the UC.” “You won’t be released unless you accept our criticism of the UC and abandon your faith.” This was their unchangeable claim.

My brother also often said to me, “I’m not telling you to quit the church. As your family member, I can’t leave you involved with such a controversial church. Therefore I want you to be in a neutral position and think with your head. You have no time to think thoroughly if you are in the church. If you still say the Divine Principle is true, you have an obligation to explain to us, as the church has too many troubles.”

I opposed him by saying, “It doesn’t make sense to say I must be neutral to think while I’m forced to be in confinement. The Japanese constitution guarantees freedom of religion. This is abduction, confinement and forcible conversion.” My brother replied, “This is neither abduction nor confinement. This is an emergency protection shelter.” I said, “It’s not true. See what I do.” Then I tried to get out of the room. I was caught by him, and I got into a scuffle with my brother.

“Look. You don’t let me go out. What is this if not confinement? If you insist this is a protection, you are deceiving. Even done by family members, this is abduction and confinement. It is criminal. You will be a criminal if I file complaints. I don’t want you to become criminals. You have to get me out of here.” My brother shouted, “Then, what kind of other option do we have. Tell me.”