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Toru Goto's Statement to the Tokyo District Court
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Miyamura took over the task of my conversion from Matsunaga* who did not know what to do with me. My family members who trusted Miyamura as a “reliable counselor” must have received Miyamura’s instructions.

(* Added by translator: Matsunaga, a Christian minister, is a deprogrammer who worked on Toru Goto in Niigata prior to Goto’s transfer to Tokyo.)

In February or March 1998, Matsunaga visited room 804 of Ogikubo Flower Home. Matsunaga came with Miyamura, and Matsunaga sat in front of me, and Miyamura sat behind Matsunaga but in a position that Miyamura could see me. A sense of tension and feeling of repulsion attacked me as Matsunaga showed up in front of me all of a sudden. It was as if I had an electric shock in my whole body. I recalled the time in Niigata, when Matsunaga conducted forcible conversion on me.

When I gingerly revealed to Matsunaga that my renouncement in Niigata was fake, Miyamura said, “Your confinement has been protracted because you did such a thing.” Matsunaga said to me, “I would like to split your head open to see how your structure inside is.” He used the expression as if there were something wrong in my head, and he ridiculed me.

I recalled that Matsunaga talked about Miyamura a lot while I was confined in Niigata. Matsunaga esteemed and trusted Miyamura. Matsunaga said, “There’s no one who knows Unification Church matters more than Mr. Miyamura. All the information gathers at Miyamura. ”

Miyamura and Matsunaga often cooperated when conducting de-conversion work on UC members. They cooperated when my brother’s wife received conversion from them. So it seems that Miyamura and Matsunaga contacted each other for my second abduction and confinement.

As I didn’t accept Miyamura’s conversion, the number of his visits to the apartment was gradually reduced. After September 1998, he hardly came, and only his followers visited the apartment. I counted how many times Miyamura visited the apartment by making a note on the Divine Principle book. He came to the apartment 73 times in total in the period until September 1998.

I was not allowed to get the information that I wanted to know in the confinement apartment. I asked for Koujien (a famous Japanese dictionary), but Miyamura flatly rejected it. My brother said to me, “Actually the Bible and the Divine Principle are enough for you.” Only information that was convenient for them was brought to me.

In May 1999, a TV set was brought in the room even though I didn’t ask for it. But I didn’t feel like watching TV, so I hardly turned it on.

In December 1999, I felt strong anxiety about the situation that I was left behind without knowing what was happening outside, as years had already passed. I demanded that my family bring Gendai Yougo No Kiso Chishiki (Basic Knowledge of Modern Language, a large dictionary published annually to explain current terminology and knowledge). Their rejection caused a fierce argument with my family members. I was so furious that I said, “I’m getting out of here. I’m going to jump.” I rushed to the window of the far back room, and the sliding door by the window was broken.

My family members seemed daunted by my action. In January 2000, they brought the Basic Knowledge of Modern Language. Around this time, they started providing Sankei Shimbun (a daily newspaper). Afterward, Sankei Shimbun was replaced by Tokyo Shimbun. Then around June 2006, they stopped providing Tokyo Shimbun.

I was isolated in the confinement room and was left behind by the outside world. The more I learned what was happening outside via Gendai Yougo no Kiso Chishiki and Sankei Shimbun, the more I came to feel extreme anxiety. In February 2001, feelings of uncontrollable anxiety that “I may have to remain isolated for the rest of my life and I may not be able to get out” haunted me. I headed to the front door and tried to escape. Each time I was overpowered by my family members, I shouted “Get me out. Help. Call police.” I did it over and over again in a loud voice, which could be heard by neighbors. I risked my life in attempts to escape.

I condemned my family by saying, “You say the Unification Church is violating human rights, but what you are doing  are human rights violations. The Unification Church never confines people like this. This is torture. This is a witch hunt in modern days. How many times did you rob me of my right to vote? Do you think this kind of thing will be tolerated? I shall reveal your acts of barbarism. I’ll take the matter to court. You’ll be branded criminals.”

But I was held in a full nelson and pushed down by my brother, sister and mother. They wrapped me in a blanket and held their hands against my mouth, so neighbors could not overhear my screams for help. I couldn’t breathe and I almost choked. As I had had no opportunity to exercise during the long confinement, I lost my muscles. Even if I scuffled with my brother, he easily overpowered me. Also my sister and mother had enormous power in such frantic situations, as if they were possessed by something. I couldn’t resist at all when these three people overpowered me.

I was covered in blood by bleeding from my face, hands, legs and feet. I had a mass of bruises and my clothes were torn apart. The blood from my legs and feet dropped on the tatami floor, and I wiped it up with towels and even by my hands. I had pain in my whole body at night, and I couldn’t sleep. When I took a bath, I showed my body, full of bruises, to my brother, and intensely complained by saying “Look! You are cruel.” My brother didn’t care about my claim by replying, “Me, too.” A finger on my right hand was bent and hurt during the scuffle. I had acute pain. It looked like the bone was fractured. The pain lasted for two to three months. The finger remains bent even now.

Furniture was also damaged during the scuffle. I clung onto a metal pole in the kitchen shelves or an accordion curtain between the rooms when trying not to be dragged by them. As they pulled me forcefully, the metal pole was distorted and the accordion curtain was torn and damaged.