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Forced De-Conversion Victim Statements


K. K. (name withheld by request)

Confined: June 1988

August -September 1994

Faith-breakers: Yoshisato Yoshida, Kyoko Kawasaki


April 4, 2010




I was born May 6, 1965, as the eldest son, in Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture. My father’s name is Junji and my mother’s is Kiyo. In April 1984, I entered Meiji University Department of Commercial Science, In March 1988, I graduated from the same university and in April of the same year, I joined the company known as International Securities Corporation.


First confinement

When I was in the second year of university, my friend had introduced me to the Unification Church and I joined. After graduation, I worked at the stock company for one year; after that, I began to devote myself full time to church activities.


In June 1988 I returned to my hometown. At that time I was taken by car to Ueno, Tokyo, and put in a one-room weekly rental apartment at Riemann Shaun East Ueno. The door was locked from inside, it being made clear I could not easily go out. In this period, when my parents slept at night and I verified that it had become quiet, I dropped the Divine Principle from the window. I wrote “because it is not possible for me to leave the apartment, I need help,” and I wrote the address and telephone number of the church. The following day, the police came, and I thought I was “saved” and complained; but when my parents explained our circumstances to the police, the police said, “It is a good opportunity for you to speak with your parents,” and they left.


After a little while, Yoshisato Yoshida, the pastor of the Shinmatsudokouya Church with the United Church of Christ in Japan, came and criticized the doctrines and activities of the Unification Church. As my experience with the church was still shallow, I pretended to declare my intention to withdraw; it was accepted.


I was told “when you return home, because a believer of the Unification Church will come, it is better to go to another place,” so I spent several days living at my grandmother’s house, looking for an opening, and finally escaped.


Second confinement


After that, my parent’s attitude toward the church softened. In 1994, my mother participated in a new members’ seminar. Then, she proposed that she participate in a woman leaders seminar. Because my mother did not have a passport at that time, we took a photograph and prepared her passport in July.


At that time, my mother said, “I don’t understand the doctrine of the church so please, come home and teach me.” After the first confinement I had never returned home; however, I believed that my parents’ viewpoint was changing and they believed the truth. So I told my church leader that I wanted to go home and he  approved. I returned home August 25, 1994. I cannot forget that day as it was exactly two years after I participated in the international Blessing ceremony of 30,000 couples.


When I arrived at the house, I didn’t understand why my father was there even though it was a weekday. My father said “I want to listen together.” Before starting my lecture, my mother said, “I will give you a massage.” I laid face down and when my mother started the massage, suddenly my younger brother and uncles surrounded me. I was held tight and pushed into a car, but at that moment I shouted in a loud voice, “Help!” Immediately, my younger brother kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could.


My feeling is that we drove by car an extremely long way. I forget the name of the place where we stopped, but it was a business hotel in Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi prefecture. Like before, there were many strong locks on the inside of the door. Also, the windows were locked, unable to be opened. It was very shocking because I had been deceived. I was struck dumb and unable to speak for three days.


After that my captors said, “You studied hard, so we want to hear what you learned. If our hearts are moved we will join.” It was clear that an opposing pastor was behind them, but I spoke fervently about the contents of the Principle for two days.


They then said, “We understood, but please listen to the Christian teacher’s story.” I thought I would have to listen to the pastor’s speech as I could not escape from this confinement so, against my will, I said, “OK I will listen.” One week after the beginning of my confinement, the pastor came.


That pastor is Kyoko Kawasaki of Yamura Church with the United Church of Christ in Japan. I thought deception would be difficult because she is widely known among the pastors opposing the Unification Church.


We went on reading and comparing the Bible and Divine Principle, reading one sentence of Principle after another and repeatedly criticizing small parts, like picking at the corner of small boxes. Even though I resisted by explaining UC theory, it had no effect; she continued to criticize. After about one week of listening to criticism I thought there was no other choice but to pretend. So I created an atmosphere little by little by saying things like, “Divine Principle may or may not be wrong.” In addition, she spoke about Rev. Moon’s family situation and business failures. This information was, for the most part, clustered with lies, yet she spoke as if it were true. I acted as if I had doubts.


Finally I said that I had concluded, “I think the principle is wrong.” I continued acting in order to have the pastor believe me through my expressions and mannerisms. Every day my hair fell out in large quantities due to the hardships I suffered.


Kyoko Kawasaki believed me, and it came to the point that I would live at the pastor’s church until re-socialization was possible. I went from confinement to a state of being placed under house arrest. Yoshisato Yoshida, who was in charge of my first kidnapping and confinement, was there and he said, “Do we have any other choice than protective persuasion [kidnapping and confinement]?” I think he felt some pangs regarding my kidnapping and confinement.


There, I could go out by myself, and several days later communicated with the Unification Church, conveying my intention to return.



Kidnapping and confinement over a long period for the purpose of getting someone to abandon his or her faith and mental abuse by a group are nothing other than torture. It absolutely cannot be forgiven. It seems like the parents and family participated directly; but I think it is clear the opposing pastors are behind it, giving guidance in the background. My family was swindled by those who are involved in this kind of unscrupulous, insensitive behavior. When I think about that, I truly feel pitiful. Everyone, including the Matsudo chief of police, justice administration and authorized personnel should severely punish those who participated in this confinement case. Please show clearly in front of the whole world that this kind of cruel behavior is absolutely unacceptable in a present-day nation that recognizes freedom and human rights. I pray this from the bottom of my heart.


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