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Religious Freedom Ranking:
4 out of 5 stars: Good

DominicaThe Constitution provides for religious freedom. The state is secular and does not obstruct an individual’s right to worship. The government was active in its relationships with religious organizations.


The country has a population of 70,000. A 2001 population and housing census estimated that approximately 61 percent of the population was Roman Catholic; Seventh-day Adventists and Pentecostals accounted for six percent each; and Baptists and Methodists 4 percent each. Other religious groups include Anglicans, Baha’i Faith, Christian Brethren, Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Nazarenes, Unificationists and Rastafarians. Six percent of the population had no religious affiliation.


The government observes the following religious holidays as national holidays: Good Friday, Whit Monday and Christmas.


It is required that all religious groups register with the attorney general’s office as nonprofit organizations. Any organization denied registration has the right to apply for judicial review. Although foreign missionaries generally operate freely, some complained of not being granted a renewal of their visas once these expired.


Public schools include Christian education. Every morning students are led in prayer. It is not required for non-Christians to participate. There were Catholic, Methodist and Seventh-day Adventist schools.


There have been no reports of religious prisoners or forced religious conversions.


Rastafarians reported discrimination in schools and the workplace.


2010 U.S. State Department International Religious Freedom on Dominica


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